Culver Academies|My Current Situation

MY current situation? I want to get into 2 new schools this year. Like ASAP!!! I would love to shoot girls that attend Culver Academies and North Ridge High School. I have been trying my hardest to get into Culver academy and North Ridge High School.  I have decided to use my BLOG to find just the perfect client from Culver Academies and North Ridge High School!! I have been cranking out the blogs like it no body business here lately! Why you ask, because I know especially for the Culver Academies they are on school grounds all week long usually and have to wear their uniform. Which I love by the way, and really want to shoot the uniform too. I just think it would be so nice to get away for a few hours be totally pampered by my glam squad with professional hair and makeup have your senior pictures done. I love making girls feel beautiful and I love showing them just how beautiful they really are!

OK OK, I’m totally stalling! SO ARE YOU FINALLY READY FOR MY NEXT ROUND OF SENIOR PICTURES!!! I would love to introduce you to Paige. She is representing Rochester High School and a 2016 Senior! Paige is involved in Softball, 4H, Student Council, FFA, and FCCLA. One thing Paige said in her questioner that I loved was I asked her to give me one sentence or phrase that tells me who you are and what your all about? Paige Response was “Smiles are free, but they’re worth a lot!” I totally agree with Paige. A smile can brighten someone’s day and I love giving people free smiles.

North Ridge High School

Why not Paige, Let just jump in a freezing cold creek and take pictures! The results AMAZING!!!North Ridge High SchoolNorth Ridge High School

This location below never gets old! I absolutely love shooting here and it looks good on everyone! Paige you are FIERCE GIRL!!! I have been loving me some vintage lately.North Ridge High School

When asked what your PASSIONATE about Paige said: FREEDOM! I couldn’t agree more. This outfit was PERFECT for the FREEDOM post! Love spending the evening with you Pagie and can’t wait to finished editing your session.North Ridge High School


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