Fashion Forward Friday | Spring has sprung!

This week has been a very busy week for my personal life and by business I totally just got a new car yesterday, and am kinda excited to drive it around town today. Check back Monday to find out what I got! Yesterday was such a nice day to pick her up to. For the first time since it has officially been spring it actually felt like spring . Like some much so if I had a convertible I would have totally had the top down and froze my behind off. I’m so excited to be meeting my second round of senior spoke models tomorrow! After that our family is off to Indianapolis for my nieces 6th birthday party! My husband sisters and brothers and their families will all be joining us for a hotel/pool party. There will be a min of 24 people. My hubby comes from a big family 8 sister and 8 brothers and there are already over 18 grand kids and 2 more on the way! Holy cow!  My daughter MaKenna is so excited to have most of her cousins going. I’m sure they will have a blast going room to room and finally crashing in one of our rooms after probably several trips to the pool! Then there is the EPIC Uno game we are going to have among the adult and kids that know how to play the Jackson Uno!! I hate the word epic, but I just used it because that is how big the game is going to be, we have been practicing for weeks now preparing Kenna for the game with the adult. The Jackson’s play Uno differently, and it takes a lot of self control and it just so fun!

On to Fashion Forward Friday!! Since it finally felt like spring, I want to share another one of my favorite kind of Pants I love to wear during spring. I already told you all about my love for skinny jeans, so it should be no big surprise that I love leggings. Leggings are just so comfy and if you pair them with the right shoes or shirt you can dress them up or dress them down. below are some great examples for you to get your shop on.

This outfit also has a great example on how to pair a scarf which was last week Fashion Forward Friday Blog post.

Everyday look


Have a Happy Easter and stay glamorous!


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