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Modern_Senior_Pictures_0076Modern_Senior_Pictures_0078Modern_Senior_Pictures_0058Modern_Senior_Pictures_0054Modern_Senior_Pictures_0045Modern_Senior_Pictures_0044Modern_Senior_Pictures_0039Modern_Senior_Pictures_0040Modern_Senior_Pictures_0020Modern_Senior_Pictures_0021Modern_Senior_Pictures_0007Modern_Senior_Pictures_0006Modern_Senior_Pictures_0077Modern_Senior_Pictures_0075Modern_Senior_Pictures_0079Modern_Senior_Pictures_0056Modern_Senior_Pictures_0057Modern_Senior_Pictures_0022So excited to finally publish this blog post! It’s crammed packed with amazing wardrobe examples from my 2014 senior girls. I have decided to not only showcase their outfits but my hottest locations!!! I have carefully handpicked my clients locations to best showcase their beauty. All of my locations are duel purpose! They not only highlight my senior best features but they are completely functional with how I will pose my seniors. Since all of my senior have unlimited wardrobe changes my locations allow for me to maximize each location to it’s fullest!  In order for my locations to make the cut they have to be able to shoot 4 different poses minimum. I want to be able to to do a full body, half body, standing, sitting, kneeling. Laying on the ground is icing on the cake if the location allows it. If a location has all these options that’s 6 shots minimum. I can change up my shots by shooting horizontal & verticals. So now we have a min of 12 shots. We can take it a step further by changing the angles. This opens up the door for even more shots.  Depending on the girls outfits sometimes we are not able to do all my poses at each  location, like sitting or laying depending on what their restriction are with the outfit.

My locations had became a huge life savor this fall when we had our time change and of course with the sun setting sooner we were very hard pressed with time and I wanted to make sure my client still got the same experience all my other girls got. I had my assistant keep an eye on the clock and we would spend no more than 20 minutes at each location to make sure we got all of her cute outfits in that she wanted to wear.


Let’s dish about styling!  Styling has been something I have done for the last 3 years.  The girls will bring all the outfits they would like to be photographed in. While they are having their hair and makeup done I start going through all of their outfits and accessories. Styling has been something I have learned over the years. I look at current magazines for inspiration and to stay with current trends. My clients know this about me and that  is a big reason why they book me. I have had girls tell me her images look like they should be in a fashion magazine. Makes me very happy every time I hear that. I ALWAYS asks the girls which outfit they want to be photographer in for sure. I will then start mapping out the outfits with locations. That way they match perfectly! I even go one step further and map out the locations according to which location I want to be at when the sun is setting or rising. The golden hour never disappoints. If I can shoot the golden hour I will always shoot the golden hour!





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