Saint Mary’s College Wedding | South Bend Wedding | Meghan + Andres

Today blog feature is for my lovely couple Meghan and Andres the wedding and reception took place at Saint Mary’s College. Their wedding had many DIY Details. The first detail and the main detail is where the venue’s was located. Meghan and Andres choose to have her wedding and reception at Saint Mary’s College. Saint Mary’s College means so much to Meghan and her family. Most of the women in her family have went to Saint Mary’s College and it is also where Andres Proposed to Meghan. How amazing knowing you are starting your life together at the same place your husband ¬†asked to marry you.

Meghan soon discovered while planning her wedding that weddings sure did add up. She said she had no choice but to become good at doing crafts for her wedding. She added lace and jewels to her wedding shoes. If she would not have told me, I would have never known. She did a great job! My favorite from the wedding were the Lavender flowers. Meghan and her bridesmaids drove up to Michigan the day before the wedding and picked all the Lavender for the wedding. They smelled soooo good and were so pretty. Their Reception was also full of Vintage DIY details. Meghan is a teacher and her love for details was evident at the reception. The books added a nice vintage look to the reception and were great center pieces. The mason jars sat on top of the books and really help bring all her details together to polish off her vintage wedding theme.

I have told the couple before but I wanted you all to know. In today’s world it is so nice to see a couple so in love with each other. You can just tell the way these to look at each it’s the real deal. I wish you both many years of happiness and success.


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