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Use this link to access our senior rep application: Click here to apply NOW!

Are you ready for it. . .
Yep, it’s true! We are now taking applications for our 2014 senior spokesmodels! Crazy to think about 2014 already, right? Well, if you’re curious or are ready to be a senior spokesmodel for K&K Photography read the info below!
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A few questions you may have:
What is a Senior Spokesmodel?
A Senior Spokesmodel is a current high school junior, who will be graduating in 2014, that is ready and willing to help promote K&K Photography to all their friends and classmates. Our hope is that once your friends see what we can do – they are going to come to us for their pictures too!  Only a select few students from each high school will be chosen to be senior spokesmodels for K&K Photography.
What are the advantages of being a K&K Photography Senior Spokesmodel?
Thanks for asking! Here is what we are offering our 2014 Senior Reps:
  • One free senior photo session. Bring as many changes of clothes as you like.
  • Photographs featured on our websiteFacebook pageBlog.
  • You might also be asked/selected to participate in a few K&K Photography advertising shoots starting at the beginning of Spring 2013.
Want more prizes? REFER YOUR FRIENDS:
  • 1 scheduled referral: 25% Gifts prints and collections
  • 2 scheduled referrals: 45% Any collection
  • 3 scheduled referrals: 75% Any collection 
  • 4 scheduled referrals: Receive collection 1 or 2 FREE!
  • 5 scheduled referrals: Receive collection 3 FREE! And K&K Photography will love you forever!
And what about the rules?
  • We will need your parent’s permission.
  • You will also need to sign a model release.
  • You will pinky swear to promote us, and ONLY us, positively and all of the awesomeness that we are.  You can’t be a spokesmodel for us if you are a spokesmodel for another studio.
  • You must be a senior graduating in 2014.
  • You must be located in Rochester, Indiana or surrounding city’s (or willing to travel!)
What do I need to do to become a Senior Spokesmodel?
  • Just fill out the application below – and if we decide you’re a good fit, we will contact you!
How does K&K Photography choose their Senior Spokesmodel?
It depends on what students we believe will whole-heartily represent K&K Photography. Please don’t be upset if you’re not chosen.  It’s nothing personal – we still love you!
So what are you waiting for?  Fill out the application below. Winner will be announced April 1, 2013!

Use this link to access our senior rep application: Click here to apply NOW!
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