K&K Photography 2014 Senior Spokesmodel Team!! | Fashion Forward Friday’s

Today is the day you all have been waiting for!! Who will be apart of K&K Photography 2014 Senior Spokesmodel Team!! I’m so excited to kick off this year with some amazing spokesmodels. Not only for their outer beauty but for their inner beauty to. These girls also bring so much more to the table than just their looks. Some are in the top of  their class when it comes to grades. Some are great role models to their peers and also have great values at such a young age. I couldn’t  be more proud to be working with such a great group of girls!

K&K Photography 2014 Senior Spokemodel Team

Kenna McClure

Michaela Stacy

Yoselin Galeano

Raven Julia

Taylor Marrs

Ashley Clark

Kimberlee Giles

Alexis Johnson

Maricela Dickson

Torie Hemphill

Angela Bennett

Tatiana Randolph

Congrats Ladies!! Be on the look out ladies for an email so we can get together to discuss details!! Can’t wait to meet and chat with each and everyone of you!


Fashion Forward Friday’s

What a great way introduce my new series Fashion Forward Fridays than to lead with talking about my senior spokemodels!!! The young fashionista’s of the world. One of the many reason why I love shooting senior’s is their style is usually on point. I have learned a few pointers from my seniors! Def not ashamed to admit that.

FASHION!! I have loved fashion for many years and have always been drawn to it. I can remember my younger years buying the latest us magazine to see what the stars were wearing, then buying the knockoff version. Yes, I went thought a stage (hiding under desk) where I bought knockoff purses and thought I was the coolest thing walking. lol Or better yet, circling everything in the JcPenny Catalog and actually thinking I were going to have it all someday. I can’t be the only one?! Totally bringing back some good memories.

I will be talking about the new trends. Piece of clothing that have been in and out style and are making their comeback. Timeless pieces of clothing that every girl should have in her collection. I want this series to help others find their style. Maybe for others to get a little daring and try some of the new trends. Or just to look and see whats HOT AND NOT.

I was already today to talk about the whats hot for spring, but I think I will save that for coming weeks! I want to talk about my go to style jeans right now. The… Skinny Jeans!!! I was slow to get bought into this current trend but I haven’t looked back since. I think I currently own more skinny jeans than any other style of jeans in my closet that fit. yes, I did just say that. We are all probably guilty of holding on to that pair of jeans that don’t fit anymore, probably will never fit, but we just can’t part with them.  That is another topic for a different day! I’m also digging all the bright colors so i’m praying for spring and summer of 2013 the bright still will be in. Since I caught on kinda late last year.


My favorite right now for spring!!! Colored skinny’s!!!


Different ways to wear white skinny’s


Girls night out! Makeup suggestion would be a my absolute favorite a black smoky eye!


Tan is a great choice to be more casual. Love the idea of wearing a jean jacket or even a blazer to dress it up or dress it down.


OK, These aren’t all skinny jeans, but who doesn’t love a fierce red heel!!

If you loved what you read on the first Fashion Forward Friday’s check back next Friday to see what I will have next week!


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