United 2013 | Yacht Shoot And A Beautiful Sunset

A few weeks ago, I went to a photographer conference that was held at Santa Barbara, California. Check out my first blog post about United HERE. That was the first time I have ever even been on the west coast. California surpassed how beautiful I thought it would be. This shoot defiantly showcases the amazing views that Santa Barbara has to offer, from the ocean of course. At this conference there were shoots that were put on by other photographers. This particular shoot I knew I wanted to be at since I live so close to Lake Michigan, It’s isn’t a ocean but its still beautiful. I thought this would be something that I can offer to my clients. This shoot surpassed what I thought it would. It’s hard to even put into words how amazing this shoot was. of course because I got some stiller images but since we were on 2 different boats both moving at different speeds we had to go with the flow. Throughout the shoot I found myself just taking the amazing view in. This shoot deserves its very own blog post from United. That shoot was such an amazing experience and I will always remember it. Thanks so much Stacy Childers from Stacy Childers Photography for offering an amazing shoot to us. I couldn’t have picked a better shoot to end my week and experience on from United.Yacht-Shoot-PicturesYacht-Shoot-PicturesYacht-Shoot-PicturesYacht-Shoot-PicturesYacht-Shoot-PicturesYacht-Shoot-PicturesYacht-Shoot-PicturesYacht-Shoot-PicturesYacht-Shoot-PicturesYacht-Shoot-PicturesYacht-Shoot-PicturesYacht-Shoot-Pictures



  1. It was good meeting you at United 2013. Your pics turned out fab !

    • katahoy says:

      I enjoyed meeting you as well! Can’t believe we have to wait an entire year for united again.

  2. Dave Alton says:


    These totally rock. Beautiful and Amazing!