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2016 is the year of GOALS! Every year I have had goals but this year is different. This year I have to reach my goals like never before! I want it so bad I can pretty much taste victory already! What is different this year about my goals? I think my mind set is way more focused and determined! I have always either had a few goals in my mind or wrote them down but never really looked at them on the daily. I have also realized my goals should scare me. My goals this year scare the heck out of me and if I  come close to reaching them I still win and will be a better person. So I’m going to CRUSH them. This year I seeked out finding the best resources that would help me reach my goals. One main resource I kept seeing over and over again was having a paper planner. I started with a paper planner last year but kinda stopped and then used my iPhone which for me is convenient but the connection was lost. So I researched and decided on the Erin Condren planner!! It just came yesterday! I can’t wait to set sometime aside today and start writing my agenda and goals in it for both my business and personal life. There is even a world out there that decorates their planner week by week. Not sure yet if i’m going to do that, but i’m a sucker for pretty and there are some nice pretty, sparkly stickers out there to decorate with. We shall see! Next I listened to a periscope from Teri Fode. Teri Fode is a Senior photographer out of California. She really rocks and this girl knows her branding! She just started Voice your brand and one of her free opt-in was a goal crush plan. This goal crush plan was something I needed and I really didn’t even know it. It was priceless for my business!

For me completing my goals this year is like running a marathon, It’s a long way until to the finish line but if I put in the work everyday I will see my success in crushing my 2016 goals!


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