2017 Model Team

The Model Team

Last week was a very busy week for Katrina Jackson Photography Studio. I had over 20 junior girls in the studio for model meetings last week. Some were groups, some were one-on-ones. It was truly a great time. While I enjoyed meeting everyone I soon discovered that I loved the one-on-one meetings best. I was more comfortable and I think the girls were also more comfortable. While last week was great and exciting it was also filled with a whirlwind of emotions. Mostly highs but a few lows! Being a business owner we have to put ourselves out there every single day and we have to take risk. Playing it save is not always the path that will lead to greatness. It’s probably the path most traveled. Who wants to take the path most traveled? I’m usually a play it safe kind of girl but 2016 i’m trying new things. I’m taking risk! Some of the risk are scary but they are also so exciting!

Once the deadline came and went the awesome high I was on soon became a low. At the end of the day photographers are still people with real emotions. Rejection is hard but also apart of the process. Luckily for me that low didn’t last long. During this entire process I have been praying and asking god to provide my business with what I needed. He knows what I need and what I can handle. I have put my trust in him. He has never stirred me wrong. Even though initial I was bummed I didn’t book them all. I now know that that he picked my 2017 model team. ┬áThis model team was hand picked just for me and that makes me grateful! I am so blessed. My model team is doubled this year and I’m beyond happy and humbled. I am so exited to get started with my 2017 model team. We will be having a meet and greet in just a few weeks. I had so many meetings last week I want to give them the opportunity to meet and mingle before we jump into photoshoots. I’m looking forward to hanging out with them all real soon! They are all dying for me to make the announcement on who is on the 2017 model team on social media and I promise the announcement is coming. I’m just still taking in all the excitement!


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