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We are right smack in the middle of gymnastics season. MaKenna has had an AMAZING season so far. This is the year that I feel she has finally found her groove. Her personality is shinning thoughout her routines and the hard work is paying off. The hard work for our entire family that is. We made a commitment almost 2 years ago to switch gymnastics gyms. The switch would come at a huge time commitment for our entire family. It would also cost a little more money because we would be traveling 30 minutes more for the commute. A lot of people think we are crazy and just don’t quite get it. To be quite honest that is totally fine, because we are kinda crazy. Who in there right mind would drive that far for just a sport. We are a team and every member of our team has a very important position. Mr. Jackson (AKA DAD) holds the financial responsibility, Mrs. Jackson (AKA mom) is the transportation, MaKenna, job is to keep her grades up and be a gymnast! She also knows that this is her decision and at anytime if she wishes to stop it’s her call.

Anyway none of what is listed above is why I’m writing this blog post. I’m actually writing this blog because I’m constantly asked by parents how is the drive going and they still can’t believe we do it. To be honest it wasn’t until Monday that when MaKenna got out the car after an hour drive. I always make sure to tell her to have a great practice. When she got out the car Monday she thanked me for the talk we had. When I pick her up from school, she always tells me how her day was. What they did in school, who got in trouble, what cute boy she now likes, the list goes on and on. I’m so thankful that she is 100% comfortable to feel she can talk to me about anything under the sun. We usually always end up talking about gymnastics. Weather it be about what happened at the last practice, What new skill she got, Who had attitude that day. The stories I hear are quite hilarious! Someday’s I give her great pep talks, good ole life lessons and Friday’s are EPIC dance parties!  We don’t always have rainbows and candy drops conversations sometimes we have real nitty gritty conversations. This Monday was a little different when she got out the car and thanked me for the talk I became a little sad because I know someday these drives will be over and she will be on her own and the 8 hour driving we spent a week will be no more. As much as it will be nice to not spend so much time on the highway. The time spent is priceless and I can’t get that time back. The bond it has given my daughter and I is priceless and has been worth the time spent. If I could do it all over again I would in a heartbeat. I wouldn’t even think twice. We would still talk if we were at home but I know that the talks would not be as long and probably not be frequent.
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