Alison Glitz and Glam Senior Session

Meet Alison!!! She is a radiant High school senior representing Rochester High School. Alison rocked out my Glitz and Glam session! She looked amazing and she was 100% confident in herself and the poses! I love when the girls come into there own throughout the shoot and own it! Alison had a killer wardrobe, So we fit as many outfits as we could into her glitz and glam session. we rocked out 5 outfits total which was a record breaker for me! I am so pleased with the way this session turned out. We are now just patiently waiting for her stunner senior album to come in. I can’t wait to get all her stunning senior products in her pretty little hands. I will def be blogging her senior products as soon as they are all in. See the amazing senior glitz and glam session below and leave the beautiful Alison some love below.

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