Rachel Glitz and Glam Senior Session | Warsaw High School Photography | Rochester Premier Senior Photographer

Welcome to the busy time of the year for photographers!!!! Happy September and October!!! They are the busiest months for us and also can be the prettiest with the changing colors of the season!! I’m so happy I can now share with you all Rachel’s Glitz and Glam senior session!!! Rachel and I had so much fun during her session! Not only did we have fun shooting it was like we were on the Amazing Race. This was the first session this year I noticed a huge change in loosing light so fast. we made it before the sun set completely and I was able to get all the locations done! Rachel choose great outfits and of course I helped stylize the outfits with the locations! I have been so blessed to get girls that trust me and my ability to not only shoot their senior session but to also stylized the session for them. Rachel is a gorgeous senior from Warsaw High School! I loved when her mom called me to book her session and Rachel knew she wanted the GLITZ AND GLAM SESSION!! No questions asked! 🙂 My senior’s have loved the Glitz and Glam session’s this year and Rachel was no different! She has a great spirt and can light up a room with her beautiful smile. See for yourself! Katrina_Jackson_Senior_Pictures_blog_0062Katrina_Jackson_Senior_Pictures_blog_0063Katrina_Jackson_Senior_Pictures_blog_0064Katrina_Jackson_Senior_Pictures_blog_0065Katrina_Jackson_Senior_Pictures_blog_0066Katrina_Jackson_Senior_Pictures_blog_0067Katrina_Jackson_Senior_Pictures_blog_0068Katrina_Jackson_Senior_Pictures_blog_0069Katrina_Jackson_Senior_Pictures_blog_0070Katrina_Jackson_Senior_Pictures_blog_0071Katrina_Jackson_Senior_Pictures_blog_0072Katrina_Jackson_Senior_Pictures_blog_0073Katrina_Jackson_Senior_Pictures_blog_0074Katrina_Jackson_Senior_Pictures_blog_0075Katrina_Jackson_Senior_Pictures_blog_0076Katrina_Jackson_Senior_Pictures_blog_0077Katrina_Jackson_Senior_Pictures_blog_0078Katrina_Jackson_Senior_Pictures_blog_0079


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