Culver Indiana High School Senior Pictures | May Calendar and Goals

April was a great success! And I made some progress with my goals! Some are still on my goal list, mainly because I was so busy with some of the other goals but i’m going to roll over some so that I get them finished this month! 1 Goal that I was able to get accomplished was cleaning out my refrigerator! It had absolutely nothing to do with photography but was something that needed to get done. Last month I was busy planning and working on my glamour. Now i’m in the process of finishing up the final edits and this month will be full on Senior Session’s! I have most of my senior Spokes Models scheduled for this month. I can’t wait!

May Goals

1. Re-start worth Every Penny by Sarah Petty

2. Re-write my about me (I did work on it last month but need to finalized that bad boy)

3. Organize receipts from Jan-May

4. Re-enter all my info into Studio Cloud

5. Shoot all my senior Spoke Models that are scheduled for May

6. Add Glamour to website and investment tab

7. Start Senor Pricing PDF’s & Finish

8. Start Wedding Pricing PDF’s & Finish

9. Client +Site for Senior and Wedding inquires

10. Clean out my Cabinets!! I got one done just need to execute the other!

Of course I had to add my calendar for May! I love these pictures of my baby girl. These were taken a day in May on our property. We had decided out of the blue to drive up to Chicago that morning to go to our favorite restaurant and hang out at Navy Pier that day but before we went I took advantage of the opportunity to get some pic of my daughter.



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