South Bend,IN Glamour Photographer | Jane South Bend Glamour Photo’s

Welcome back! Over the past week I have been showing sneak peeks on my Facebook¬†Fan Page¬†and even on the blog. I have been keeping you all in suspense! I’m finally ready to unveil my complete session of one of the beautiful beauty’s from my glamour session! If you have been reading my blog you already know that I have wanted to offer glamour session for quite sometime now and I decided that it was now or never! I’m so happy I reached out on my Facebook Fan Page. My ads were answered by not 1 but 2 beautiful beauties.

Jane was the first to reach out. We have known each other since I was 16. We actually met at our first job and have been great friends since. We doubled dated back in the day to prom, We took our first cruise together to Bahama’s, We were in each other weddings, We have watched each other grow up and become women, wives and great mom’s. Jane is the mother of 3 beautiful children all under the tender ago of 4, My hat is off to her!

What Jane had to say about the glamour experience “I wanted to feel pretty again after 3 years of being pregnant. I felt like a super model and was thrilled to get pampered for the day by having my hair and makeup done by a professional. I loved the glamour pictures and felt really good again about myself. I’ve never seen myself like that. It was an amazing experience and would recommend it to anyone.”