Fashion Forward Friday’s | Ombre

Last week I started the first fashion forward Friday’s I introduced my love for skinny jeans. You either love it or hate them! I love them!!! Yes, I love using exclamation marks if you haven’t noticed already.

Ok! I hardly can contain myself with excitement on what fashion forward Friday is all about today!!!


If stars like Drew Barrymore and Rachel Bilson are rocking these trends they are defiantly worth trying

The new trend called…. OMBRÉ!!! My love for Ombré actually goes back a couple of years ago before Ombré really took off. I was at express! I love express! I bought not one but 2 shirts the exact same just different colors. One pink and one my favorite color purple. they faded all different shades of the main color on the shirt. Yes, I had a shopping problem back in the day but that wasn’t the main problem it was a problem but my main problem was I would buy all the colors I liked in the same color shirt. I’m probably still paying for some of those bad habit to this day I’m sure!

I had no clue until last week that this new trend was called ombré, I just thought this new trend had to just do with hair, which I think is the coolest thing since the Rihanna haircut. Ohhh yes I said it, who didn’t want their haircut like Rihanna?!? I hardly ever do anything especially color to my hair but I’m totally going to try this trend. And I’m going to rock it likes its nobody business.  Much to surprise when I started pinning  ombré on pinterest I discovered its everywhere! From decor, outfits, nails, even wedding cakes.  I’m also loving the trend with the nails. I have pinned some great Ombré ideas on my Pinterest  if you want to get to pinning what you might want to try.
Let me know what Ombré trend you are going to tryout out for yourself?!

  1. Brea says:

    I love the ombre trend!

  2. Loving that bottom left image, ombre is such a fun way to go with fashion!

  3. […] turned out great on Friday I went for the Ombre experience. I blogged about Ombre on the first Fashion Forward Friday a few weeks ago. Mine fades to a reddish-brown. It’s so cute,  It’s not to bold just […]

  4. Ritielly says:

    I looove ombre hair!It can alyaws look natural for us brunettes but the best you can easily make it at home:)If the tone is half orange after bleaching and you don’t like you can alyaws use those colors without ammonia in a blonde more gray, passing the product with a brush in the discolored place and another piece in its original tone continuously for a few minutes … problem solved and nourished hair!I did it and I do not regret, I will not say I was not with the ends of my hair a little bit damage but with a nourishing serum l’oreal or another not too expensive and a hair mask in bath once a week problem solved in no time!but it’s nothing I didn’t before in my everyday hair care…I thing you could start with a little to try and see, it could be gorgeous…it’s your choice:)