Finding The Perfect Senior Photographer

Senior pictures is one of the biggest milestones in your life and picking the perfect senior photographer for you is such a big part of making sure that everything about this time in your life is captured perfectly.

Think about it like this… The next time that you’ll be picking a photographer for you will be your wedding day.

It’s a time where you get to document your personality and who they are at this very moment in their life.

Picking the perfect senior photographer is such a big task, but I want to help you out!

Here are my TOP 3 things you should be looking for when picking your senior photographer:

1. Find out what’s included in your session

2. Look for consistency

3. Decide on what products you want

At KJP we have set the standard high in our area for senior portraits. Before your 2-3 hour photo session (which includes multiple hair and makeup changes) we offer an in-person fashion and styling consultation and our exclusive 50-page What to Wear Guide.

We pride ourselves on consistency! Everything from location selection to editing is carefully curated to ensure your personality shines through. While we live in a digital era we don’t stop with just digital files, we have something for everyone when it comes to printed products. The sad reality is that our kids are the first generation that will have the most pictures of them but unfortunately not many printed. It’s a goal of mine to not only have my family photos printed but also my clients!”

Senior year is truly an incredible time in your family’s life and it’s my job to make sure that you’re picking the best senior photographer to make sure you never forget right now.


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