Senior portrait session showing 4 styles

Planning for your senior session can bring up a lot of questions. We help our clients by providing a welcome packet after booking to start helping them prep for their senior portrait sessions. Our welcome packets has a full what to wear guide. This is resource guide is going to be your best friend! I have had many of my clients tell me its helped them in so many ways. One thing I always tell my seniors, that they are going to want to have variety in their outfits. For more than one reason but the most important reason for me is because it pulls in all your outfits and locations together! This is important because all of my clients receives products and their products all go together seamlessly. We can design an album or storyboard and everything just flows. Some of my clients think in the beginning on the planning process they have to pick all the same kind of clothes. This could not be further from the truth. There are so many ways to pull your senior portrait together and still make it flow effortlessly. Yes, you might want to pull from the same color schemes but you can absolutely have different styles. This is what I love about the planning process. My clients all have a fashion consultation 2 weeks prior to their senior portrait session. At this time I have them bring ALL of they’re clothing options they have been thinking about wearing for their senior portrait session. Some we might get rid of right off the bat, if we can just see that it’s not going to mesh well with the others but sometimes we leave those pieces just for that reason. I don’t want my girls to be matchy matchy so throwing in an outfit that has a completely different style sometimes is just want the doctor ordered.


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