Happy New Year!

Out with the old and end with the new! I spend most of last winter trying to figure out  MY style. Danay was my first senior of the new year that I got to work my magic on. Yes, I just used the word magic. Because we all know the camera is just a tool its really the person behind the camera doing the work. Well if you didn’t know that bit of info you do now! We had a blast during her shoot and possible laughed way to much than should be allowed while your working! We also saw a strange animal that we both are still unsure what we saw. 
  1. Katrina! This is a fantastic post and so genuin in your journey. You never fail to amaze me by your perseverance and love for photography! The pics of Danay look amazingly beautiful! Thanks for posting… you really inspire me to be better.

    Debbie Gibb