Lexi – Northern Indiana Senior Photographer

Northern Indiana Senior Photographer

Up today on the blog is Lexi! Lexi is a 2020 high school senior representing Logansport High School. Fun fact: I photographed her older sister a few years ago. So I was so thrilled when Lexi wanted me to take her senior pictures too. Lexi is also on my team for the year. So I got to spend a full year getting to know her before her senior pictures. This is one of my secrets at getting those personality type images! Getting to really know my seniors before their senior pictures! 

Lexi is one of the few seniors that I have shot that actually wear glasses 100% of the time. So glasses and I have a love-hate relationship.  A photographer trick is to pop out the lenses on your glasses out but if you’re like me and actually can’t see I would personally be so uncomfortable and that would show in my images so that is the last thing I would want to do to my clients.  The day of Lexi photoshoot it was a bit of an overcast and I was so thankful because if you have been following me for a while here you know I love a good sunset picture but for someone with glasses. Sun+Glasses= Glare! One of Old Faithful locations for overcast days is right outside my studio. It’s an overgrown field that I only shoot at if it’s overcast this particular day. I knew this was going to be our first location with it being overcast. That way once we got to town if it was sunny I would have had at least one location of safe and images. Those are some of my favorite pictures because an overcast day can have the BEST clean light. We of course went downtown to shoot her letterman jacket and her softball uniform. I always love to do letterman jackets in my urban downtown spots. It’s just perfect! as the evening went on a storm was rolling in and we were losing light like really fast. 

Lexi’s last 2 locations were new locations! I literally just stopped at the first field that I saw that had flowers. I knew my other field with flowers were really really tall and may have even been unusable and since we were losing light so fast I needed to make magic happen. And that’s just what I did. All I needed was a field with sunflowers and I could create the sunny sun set later. I hate that her session was rushed due to the overcase and then the storm rolling in but also know that was honestly the best case scenario for her since she had glasses. I am so thankful for the overcast.


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