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It’s almost the end of march and I have been busy blogging about my goals, Session and Fashion! I haven’t had the time to showcase my March family calender photo yet. If you have been reading the blog since January you know that every year I make a calendar of my family. It is probably my favorite thing I make and I been have making them for my daughter entire life and she is now 7! Most of the pictures in the calendar are organized by the actual month just a year later. I love looking back at all the calendars and seeing her change. I also see how my photo skills have changed because 7 years ago I was just a mom with a camera,. I Had no idea I would become a professional photographer. Kinda exciting looking back.

February Family Calendar

I actually think I didn’t blog about February picture on my calendar either since I had quite a few February session’s and being out of the state for a week on business.

March Family Calendar

When I opened up my blog last night I had my journal laid out and was about to continue to talk about my monthly goals that I started last Monday with you all. Then I realized that the month was almost over and if I didn’t blog about my March calendar soon it will be to late. This month has been crazy busy for K&K Photography and this past week has been even more crazy. I’m so excited and pumped for this year. I love how we can always have a plan but the man up stairs can always have a bigger and better plan. Since United I have been writing down my plans for the week on Sunday that has really helped me get more things done and allow more time to be with my family. I had big plans this weekend. Friday I was to get my hair colored for the first time! I have had my hair dyed years ago the standard color black and there was that one time that I attempted to get highlights and nothing went right and since then I have been scared to color my hair. But this year i’m living and doing what make me happy! Saturday I was to meet with half of my 2014 Senior Spokes Models and then spend the rest of the weekend editing last weekends wedding. Well this is how my weekend actually went. I got off work Thursday no more than pull out the parking lot and my car died. My car has never died and left me stranded that was a first for the Nissan. So I sat. I was suppose to meet a high school senior at Jerrety’s a local coffee shop to pick up her beautiful senior products. but instead she meet me road side! Another first for me. That one better not happen again! Not a good look, but somethings things are just out of our hands. Another crazy fact as I sat stranded I heard another car literally 10 feet from me at the office next door and her car also wouldn’t start. How crazy is that?!

After I got my hair done I just thought I would look for a car. Kinda random I know. I have known for awhile what car I wanted next and I knew where one was so I thought it was time to finally test drive that beauty! I fell in love the color is so pretty and it drives so nice the only problem my last car the Nissan was missing key features that I knew I wanted in my next car. I wanted glitter paint (glitter paint is a high priority on my list!!!), sunroof and standard rims not the standard hub caps. So this time I was not settling. This car had all those things excepts a sunroof. I left the car lot thinking that was the car I would just settle. I can’t wait to blog about my new car I have to wait until Friday to pick her up. Hint I didn’t settle!! Check back next Monday to see the new addition to our family and I will finish this crazy journey of a weekend with you.

Oh and my hair color turned out great on Friday I went for the Ombre experience. I blogged about Ombre on the first Fashion Forward Friday a few weeks ago. Mine fades to a reddish-brown. It’s so cute,  It’s not to bold just enough to get my feet wet in the hair color world. I’m in love and will be going brighter next time.

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