Fashion Forward Friday | Charming Charlie

Well this Friday’s Forward Fashion Friday is a double whammy! I love accessories and one of my favorite accessory stores is charming charlie. They have the best accessories and they are easy on the pocket book. Besides the store having the best accessories the way the store is set up is just to dye for. I love how everything is organized by color! The beginning of the week I got my weekly email from Charming Charlie and I knew that I wanted to share it with you all. It features cool new ways how to wear a scarf. I thought this was such a great week to showcase scarf’s with it being the beginning of spring . The weather is still chilly and can be the perfect weather for a scarf. I love paring a beautiful scarf with a cute top and i’m always looking for new ways to wear my scarfs.


If you like those ideas and what to see more check out Charming Charlie’s Pinterest!! And of course I couldn’t do Fashion Forward Friday without adding some super cute outfits with some cute scarfs.



Have a glamours weekend!



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