Northern Indiana Fashion Forward Senior Photography | Glitz and Glam Senior Session | Ashley Senior Pictures

Meet Ashley!! I met this lovely young lady 3 years ago when I shot her sister senior pictures. Hard to believe that was three years ago. Time sure does fly by. At that time I was just getting my photography business started and was shooting in a more traditional way. Over the years I have grown into my own shooting style and poses. My posing and style can be best described as Fashion Forward Senior Photography. I mix more modern, fashion like poses into my sessions. I decided to call it Fashion Forward Senior Photography because over the years the session I was more drawn to the girls that really took the time to plan out their outfits and add accessorize that added style to their images. Once I saw that most girls knew what they wanted but sometimes may have had a hard time putting it all together I started offering the Senior Experience. The Senior Experience is where I help the girls from start the finish. I will help with every detail they need help with. From helping selecting outfits to making sure they match with the locations to choosing the right accessorize. I really get a kick when my senior girls send me text or email me with picture of their outfits, it gets me fired up for their session knowing they are just as excited! The senior experience also offers the glitz and glam session! What is the glitz and glam session you ask? We’ll it’s your full model experience and pampering most girls I know want! Professional hair and makeup by our area’s top hair and makeup artist team. Ashely choose the glitz and glam session! And she killed it! I want to make sure I provide a service for my girls with everything they need to shine and be set apart from the crowd.

  1. Stephanie says:

    What a beauty!!

  2. Isabelle says:

    Cute as can be!!! Lovely images.

  3. WOW is she gorgeous!! I especially love the upside down ones on the steps, but they are all amazing images! beautiful work.

  4. These are stunning! Beautiful lighting!

  5. Whitney Lane says:

    These are gorgeous! You did such an amazing job and she has incredible eyes

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