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This week Senior Photoshoot was a blast and turned out perfectly. I love when my clients TRUST my talent and experience of being a photographer. Some client put a lot of thought into their shoot and for that I love, but sometime they put the thought into the wrong things. One of those things can be locations. Just because you love a location doesn’t mean it will A) photograph great B) It might not lend you to have a  variety of poses that compliment each other for your pictures. C) The location may not face the right direction for my photography style. When I plan a senior session all my location must have a variety options in order to make the cut. Brittany let me take full control over her outfits, jewelry, and session! Brittany Trusted me to do my JOB and she truly shined through out her session and it is AMAZING! All the locations compliment each other and fit her personality and outfits perfectly!

Wednesday Senior Photoshoot was so fun! I got to spend another great senior photoshoot with Brittany! We found some great and yummy light. This was our last location and it did not disappoint! The golden hour is the highlight of this session!

Katrina Jackson Photography

Brittany senior photoshoot is up! She is a beautiful young lady representing Rochester High School. Brittany is active in CHEERLEADING, key club, Zebra New tech Ambassador, National Honor Society, student council, PAGEANTS, AND choir! If that wasn’t a lot this is also a working girl. Holding it down at Kroger! If you see her their say HI!

Katrina Jackson Photography

Brittany is PASSIONATE about finishing high school and attending college so that I can become a nurse and live the dream. I just want to have a good life and a good family to surround me with their love. That’s awesome Brittany, You will do great things! Just keep your eyes on the prize.

Katrina Jackson PhotographyThis is INSANE!!! The girl is show stopping GORGEOUS and the light was to die for! This was KJP First! I embraced the crop top! This location was a total accident. We were walking back to the car and I looked over and saw 2 trailers. HMMMM the sun is directly behind them at the right time! Gosh! This set was made just for you! Katrina Jackson Photography


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