Stylized Fair Senior Photography | Elkhart County Fair |Aztec Clothing Trend

Last week was FAIR WEEK for Katrina Jackson Photography!! It was Elkhart County fair and I had a brilliant idea a few months ago to do a Stylized Fair Senior Photography Shoot. Growing up the fair was always a must for my friends and I So it will always hold a special place in my heart. From all the great food, the rides, all the colors, and of course the boys! Ha! Who can turn down a awesome fair. Having a stylized fair senior photography meant I had to find the perfect group of girls and an exceptional Hair and Makeup team from Bethza Professional Makeup Studio on board to execute my vision perfectly and they did just that.

When I first started planning the stylized fair shoot my vision was always FUN FLIRTY FAIR SHOOT. I knew I wanted Bright, Shades of Pink, and Super Girly. I knew since the fair would be super bright with colors I would take a different direction with clothing. I didn’t necessary want pink for clothing but rather shades of pink. So burgundy fitted perfectly! Little did I know the girls would need a little more direction with clothing. So I choose a clothing trend I thought the girls might already have or be familiar with. Aztec Clothing is hot fashion trend right now and went with the fair perfectly! It’s way different than what is expected from a fair shoot and that’s why I fell in love with the Aztec clothing choice. My Inspirational Board for my Stylized Senior Photography Shoot and                                                                                                                         The first Peek into the Elkhart County Fair shoot is below!

Elkhart County Fair

Elkhart County Fair

  1. Makayla Risten says:

    I’ve been modeling for awhile now. Been posted in 2 magazines. 17 years old & a senior in rochester high school