Senior Pictures | Class Of 2015

I can’t believe another year has flown by! This year I have had the honor of photographing some of the most beautiful senior both inside and out! Job well done parents! I started out the year with my model team. My model team was the face of JKP this year. They definitely made me look good! As the year went on I started shooting some more amazing seniors! I have always been amazed by the seniors that booked with KJP. My brand screams Glitz and Glam but that’s not always why girls book with me. Most of my seniors book with me because they know they will have an entire gallery of AMAZING ONE OF A KIND senior pictures. This past year I have started sending a questioner to my seniors and WOW! That has really help me get a even better idea of each individual. YES, Individuals. Every senior has a mind of their own and out of this world personalities. I ask many questions but one question that I have seen answered the same multiple time is they like my CLEAN editing style and they love that I don’t over edit my seniors! I’ll take that!! 😉

Every year it gets easier to shoot, but the goodbye’s seem to get even harder. I really try to get to know my seniors throughout the year. This year is probably my hardest year to date. I have had such a great time shooting all the shoots this year. I also love when parents come on the shoots. It’s such special moment when parents see their baby all grown up watching them hold back tears is PRICELESS. I bet you think that’s as good as it gets. Well it gets better. The first time you show a senior the back of the camera! Oh YEA, nothing beats that! They are like WOW, That’s me! You can immediately see their confidence go up from that point.

I’m going to really miss each and every one of you. I wish you all the absolute best! I know you all will do great things. Whatever you set your mind to GO GET IT! Life is to short and remember to ENJOY the ride! Yes, It’s one HELL of a ride so go live it. I look forward to seeing where it takes you!


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