Warsaw Senior Photographer now Booking

Class of 2024 for August, September and October!

Did you know most Seniors book for Summer/Fall going into their Senior year? Warsaw Senior Photographer Katrina Jackson Photography has opened their session availability and are already booking out sessions! June & July dates have been gone since January. Crazy, I know!

I bet you have all kinds of questions about Katrina Jackson Photography, don’t you? How our sessions run, our pricing options, what products we offer, how we edit, etc.

These are our most frequently asked questions and we are thrilled to answer them for you on a complementarily zoom consultation!! We offer these to our of our potential clients.


During the Consultation Warsaw Senior photographer will discuss:

#1. what makes us different

#2. our editing process before & afters

#3. the client experience

#4. frequently asked questions

#5. session & product pricing

So, if you are wondering about any of the above get in touch with us! We would be so excited to chat and and tell you all about why Katrina Jackson Photography is the premier senior photographer in the Northern, Indiana!

πŸ’•πŸͺ© That time is Now! πŸ’•πŸͺ©


Details about this spring shoot:




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