Granger senior photographer takes on Hometown Living

This week has been a whirlwind of emotions for this Granger senior photographer!

Katrina Jackson grange senior Photographer on Hometown Living

I still can’t believe my daughter and I both were on Hometown Living talking about why you should book your senior portraits early. This was my second guest appearance being on the HomeTown Living Show. Last year I was on talking about my photography business. This year was even sweeter because I was beyond proud to be sitting right next to my daughter / videographer. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Recap on why you should book now your granger senior photographer:

I wasn’t able to mention #3 on the show because we were running out of time. So we are starting with #3 today and working backwards!

#3. The sooner you get your senior portraits done, The sooner you will be able to start sharing all the photo’s with friends and family!

#2. I always recommend summer because most incoming seniors have less demanding scheduled in the summer. It’s easier to fit in since most school sports and activities are on pause for summer break!

#1. This is the biggest reason for us here in Indiana. We have a very short shooting season if you want outdoor senior portraits. The weather here is finally ideal June-October. Kinda crazy to actually say that out loud. Makes me wonder why do we even live here!

Check out last year interview here!


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