3 Reasons To Book A Summer Senior Session In Granger, Indiana

Are YOU a Class of 2024 senior or the parent of one? Want to know if you should book a summer senior session?!? This post is for YOU!

Here’s 3 pro tips for the Class of 2024 when it comes to your senior session: 

  • 1. Book your summer senior session early: there’s tons of perks to booking early, like better choice of dates to choose from, more prep time, etc! Book your session 4-6 months out to stay ahead of the curve! 
  • 2. Curate your session outfits with variety in mind: opt for a great mix of style, color, and pieces when putting together your session wardrobe! Don’t make everything a dress, or repetitive jeans. Mix it up! 
  • 3. Get more than just the digitals: I know digitals are convenient, but this time in your life needs to be printed! Go for a session album, image box with all the images, or a storyboard to print your favorite images. 
Summer senior session
Summer senior session
Summer senior session

Let’s take a look down memory lane and check out a summer senior session from summer of 2021 that we are still talking about to this day! HERE

Let’s get your summer senior session booked early! We include fashion consults and prepping material for your senior experience, so that we ensure you are off to a great start!

Katrina Jackson Photography is booking for the Class of 2024. Want to learn more about Katrina Jackson Photography Senior Portraits Experience, Click Here. We work with clients in Mishawaka, Granger, Culver Academies, Warsaw, Indiana and the surrounding area! 


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