Headshot Photoshoot for the upcoming class

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A few weeks ago I hosted in the studio the first Headshot photoshoot for the senior team 2024!!

The headshot photoshoot is the first time for the new team to get to meet and mingle! It’s a good time for the moms to have a little small talk and for the girls to chat amongst themselves too. We all can get the nerves out! It’s a great ice breaker. For this introvert it’s much needed!

Social Media is so powerful!

This headshot photoshoot was my first time meeting most of the girls but because of social media I felt like I had already knew most of them. because of how powerful I know social media can be I make it apart of my daily routine to show on my platforms for my clients and potential clients so they get a real sense of my personality and who I am as a photographer and mom. The mom role to me is far more important than my role as a photographer. I like to think my clients get that too. I’m in the parent trenches with them.

Another way I give my potential clients a peek into what it is like working with me is these behind the scene films that my daughter has created for me for quite a few years now! It’s wild because I don’t see things in movement like my daughter does. My gift is taking still portraits but every time MaKenna creates a video for me, i’m reminded how powerful video is as well.

Seeing this video took me back to that day instantly!

I get to see just how much time, care, and attention to detail I put into each portrait with the girls. It doesn’t matter if 100 people are in the room, When i’m working with my clients they will feel like they are the only one in the room. I’m going to make sure they feel & look beautiful but more than that I want them to leave the photoshoot knowing there were seen.

Katrina Jackson Photography is booking for the Class of 2024. Want to learn more about Katrina Jackson Photography Senior Portraits Experience, Click Here. We work with clients in Mishawaka, Granger, Culver Academies, Warsaw, Indiana and the surrounding area!

Check of the class of 2023 Headshot photoshoot here!


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