Fashion Forward Friday | Senior Photography

Fashion Forward Friday is fashionably late this Friday! Up until this week I Knew what fashion I wanted to talk about. Last night I laid in bed trying to think about what trend I wanted to talk about or what I feel passionate about right now in the fashion world. I came up with nothing. I’m still loving the Ombre trend and i’m loving my Ombre hair!! As I sat down to write this blog I still had no clue. I kinda thought about writing about my favorite designer Chanel. I recently realized that i’m drawn to most Chanel products. They are so classic, pretty and are vintage. I hope one day I can own a Chanel handbag. I kinda asked my hubby for one and he laughed when I told him the price! A girl can dream? Right?!? I love Polyvore, It’s filled with clothing options. newest trends and what to wear story boards. I opened up Polyvore today and I found what I was going to talk about. It’s perfect!

From having the Chanel logo and glitter jewels on the story board to the purple heels which is my favorite color and my favorite trend Ombre with my dream designer Herve Leger dress. I have also asked my hubby for a Herve Leger. He also laughed!


I could not resist showing the next collection since is is full of glam and glitter, Clearly one of my weakness. For some it’s chocolate for me it’s things that sparkle.

This Fashion Forward Friday this week is short and sweet but so darn glittery and I love it. Have a glamours weekend!