High School Senior Photography | Senior Emergency Kit


I thought it would be a great idea to do a blog post for senior photographers!!! I have been wrapping my head around ways I can help other photographers. Over the years I have learned many things on my own and with the help of others, so I feel it’s time to help in whatever small way I can.

My senior emergency kit started with just bug spray and has evolved over the years. Each year it seems like more items get added to the list, More items I can’t live without. Once I added a studio space this year I feel like I thought I could keep more items on hand that are normally forgot about among the seniors. So some items like lotion, hand sanitizer, tissue, and a lint roller I had bought to keep at the GLITZ AND GLAM STUDIO but then decided to buy extra to keep in my car for my photoshoots.

Senior Emergency Kit

These are just a few items that are in my Jewelry box!

Senior Emergency Kit

This was actually a mom’s umbrella because it matched her dress. Mine are multicolored and go with just about any outfit.

My TOP 5 items are crucial and never leave my car.

1. Bug Spray 

Bug spray is crucial in my area, bugs are not bad in some locations but once we get out in the fields they are so thick in the fields and woods. It’s not fun shooting when you are constantly trying to swat to kill bugs.

2. Hair Spray, Rubber bands 

I have been getting in the habit of re-applying hair spray on the girls hair at our first location because once we get out in the elements there is usually way more wind.

3. Umbrella (several options) Never know what mother nature might give us! 

4. First aid kit (tissue,band-aids,hand sanitizer) Better safe than sorry! The first aid kit I actually have I got at a parade one year and thought it was great so I just left it in my car for my photoshoots!

5. Glitter – A girl should never leave home without it!

6. Lip Gloss

7. Diet Coke (For me) & Water for clients on hot days

8. BOBS ( AKA Toms knockoffs)

I like wearing flip flops in town but in the fields I always switch into my BOB!

9. Jacket when it gets cooler for the girls to wear while i’m setting up my camera and light

10. Lent roller

11. Jewelry box filled with miscellaneous pieces to complete my clients outfits.

12. Lotion – no excuse for having dry skin!

This really isn’t anything fancy just a quick list of what I have in my senior emergency kit. If you don’t already have one maybe this blog has helped get your some idea’s.

Senior Emergency Kit

I had actually just bought that necklace and bangles the day before to add to my stash and it when with her outfit perfectly!

Senior Emergency Kit

Katie being silly applying her bug spray while I do a camera check!

  1. Thanks for sharing this list! You can never be too prepared when it comes to photo shoots! I love that you have a jewelry box with you filled with beautiful accessories for your seniors. 😀 Great ideas!