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Beautiful High Quality Products & Heirlooms are on the blog today! One of the best parts of my job is that I get to provide my clients with high quality products & heirlooms that they will cherish for many years. We designed some GORGEOUS high quality products & heirlooms and I wouldn’t be more pleased with the outcome of Morgan products.

Today’s world is very driven on the we want it right now! We want digital’s! Well, guess what I want it now too, and I want YOU to also have your digitals BUT I also want them to have tangible products. Products are what will be passed down from generation to generation and we know products will stand the test of time.

My clients particularly love the storyboard, albums, and image boxes! The image boxes has been a BIG hit since I debut them several years ago. The special thing about the image box is that they can only be purchased through my digital collections. So they have a very exclusive element attached to them. My clients and their friends know if they have that image box they bought the whole shebang!

The Unique factor: I love that my products are Unique and Modern! When Clients walk into my studio they began drooling over all the samples! I have samples everywhere! I defiantly went crazy in the sample department. They instantly start visualizing themselves on products they are interested in. After they know what they we then start the designing process and that is when the products become Unique and Custom! They leave the studio that day knowing exactly how their products will look!

Take a moment and DROOL all over Morgan’s LUXE collection!

High School Senior High Quality Products & HeirloomsHigh School Senior High Quality Products & HeirloomsHigh School Senior High Quality Products & HeirloomsHigh School Senior High Quality Products & HeirloomsHigh School Senior High Quality Products & HeirloomsHigh School Senior High Quality Products & HeirloomsHigh School Senior High Quality Products & HeirloomsHigh School Senior High Quality Products & Heirlooms

  1. Tisha Ringle says:

    I met Katrina when Morgan was a freshman, and did a photoshoot with her. We had no idea what to expect, we had never met or spoken to Katrina before. The first memory was her professionalism, her smile, her involvement, and how she paid attention to detail. While a lip color/gloss may seem so simple or trivial to some, it was a big deal for Katrina. She did not settle for less or mediocre, only the best for her clients.
    I cannot tell you how pleased we were with Morgan’s picture package. Sometimes people think… why are pictures are so expensive, and why spend that kind of money when we can go to the next place and get them cheaper. Well, let me tell you as a parent who not only has four beautiful girls, cheaper doesn’t not at represent great quality photos that you will treasure your entire lives.
    From the placement of simple things like your hands, to how you stand, Katrina is such a professional. Her eye for angles and setting the scene is impeccable. She studies the girls’ outfits and picks the scene from there. She picks the best hair and makeup artists to not only pamper your child at the studio, but she also comes to every scene to apply and re-apply touch ups to your hair and makeup. I was impressed with the quality, professionalism, turnaround time, and how she pampered Morgan.
    We had a blast doing all different pictures with her…she is really creative and comes up with things you would never think of, and it’s so exciting knowing the pictures will be so unique and reflective of my beautiful girl(s).
    When I walked in to Morgan’s ordering session… I remember looking at Katrina and saying “How in the world am I supposed to order these pictures?” There was not ONE single bad picture. My recommendation is Katrina Jackson Photography. She doesn’t not take offense when she has pushy mothers, like myself, who want sneak peaks NOW. She answers your questions honestly, even if it means less money for her. She has the best interest of the girls always in mind. Again, I could not be happier with Morgan’s pictures and I look forward to “working with” Katrina again.

    • katahoy says:

      Awwww! You and Morgan are so sweet! This comment and the friendship we have build over the years means the world to me. Thanks so much for writing this book for me! LOL Morgan is a superstar in my mind and I can’t wait to see where that beauty goes in the world. You have done an amazing job raising all your girls!

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