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I have been busy this past few weeks finishing up my 2016 Senior magazine. This year I decided to add a full spread of actual heirloom senior products that I have designed and delivered to clients this year. I was little taken back when I saw the layout of heirloom senior products! As the year comes and go so does every product I design. I sometimes forget just how beautiful the products are in person. It’s also so easy to forget about the design that went into each product because I have been doing this for sometime now that it has simply became a routine. This year I started live designing each product live in-person at the ordering session! This was a HUGE hit. It’s funny because my clients think that picking their collection was a hard decision until I tell them we are about to design our hearts out. They usually panic and think it’s going to take all night. It does take some time but for me, it’s time I want to invest with my clients to make sure they know & get exactly was they want in heirloom senior products. Sometimes all it takes is for them to see what there product will actually look like for them to be 100% sold on the product. I’m the same was a a consumer so I toally get it. Designing that spread of heirloom senior products for my senior magazine I was quickly reminded that not only are the products beautiful but they are all heirloom quality. They are all unique while still remaining a classic look. This year my top 3 products were custom image boxes, storyboards, and heirloom albums. Every product that arrives to the studio is inspected to make sure it is delivered in the very best quality. If it does not reach my stand it is re-ordered. This doesn’t happen to often but when it does i’m glad that I take the time to inspect every product that comes into the studio for delivery. Most cases I even deliver the heirloom senior products to ensure they arrive in perfect condition. This is a luxury service that comes with every portrait client.




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