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Finally, Wrapping up this 3 part blog series. When starting my second year I really felt in my heart I was doing my clients a huge dis-service by not providing them with print, albums or products in their home. I know they bought a CD they should have nice quality prints, right? But I can’t go by what they might have in their homes. Even if I educated them on where they should be buying their prints. I was also doing a huge dis-service to myself as a artist/photographer by not seeing my hard work printed. The feeling you get when your work is printed is priceless. Having a client 20×30 wall print of their newborn gave me tears the first time I saw them printed in their home. I know they will cherish that image for a lifetime. Providing my clients with beautiful quality products fills a void in my heart that I realized later wasn’t getting filled my first year. 

My Intentions of this blog wasn’t to ramble but to better explain why I offer my clients what I offer. Why my collections come with the products they come with. All of my collections come with prints and or albums for a reason, because you deserve to have beautiful quality products in your home. I really enjoy designing albums so I decided to add them in my 2012 collections. They have been a huge hit among my senior clients and also my weddings. For my weddings an album is your first family heirloom and its something that will defiantly be passed on from generation to generation.

If you love what you just read then you are my client and would love to have you as a client! 
With much love, Katrina

I have been working on some new processing and I love the final result. Here are a few examples below!

South Bend-Rochester--Cool-Senior-Pictures
South Bend-Rochester-Cool-Senior-Pictures
South Bend-Rochester-Senior-Pictures
South Bend-Rochester-Cool-Senior-Pictures


  1. Everything you say is true! Having those prints and hung in my home make me smile everyday. Love the new processing:-)

  2. I am the worst at this I have no prints up in my house yet!